Creative Centre

Aquarelle Painting

Aquarelle painting is an art form based on the use of water colours which provides you with many different techniques and ways of adding colour onto paper. In this section you will find information on the basics of aquarelle painting, the materials you'll need, together with techniques and tips to help you realise the extensive possibilities of our water colours. We have also created fantastic tutorials for you. So, take a closer look!

Oil Painting

Oil painting is the so called “King's discipline” of art. We would like to introduce you to our fantastic oil pastel crayons. Here we give you helpful information about the different techniques for mixing and painting with oil pastels. We've also prepared a fantastic tutorial with images to accompany. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting to paint in oil or are relatively experienced: the easy handling of our oil pastels is simple to pick up.

Drawing & Designing

When inspiration strikes do you like to doodle on paper until you have created a raft of ideas for a brainstorming session? Perhaps this is part of your job or something you like doing in your spare time? If you paint a lot or are even just starting to learn, Pentel Arts has the perfect tool for making your initial sketches! Our fantastic range contains pens and pen brushes with special tips for each individual need. Many of our products are preferred and used by architects and designers. Take a look at the varied uses of our pens in this section.

Comic Style

Comic style art in Japan is called 'Manga' and is a very popular. Our fantastic brush pens and felt tip pens are widely renowned within this discipline and are used by many comic artists within the industry. The ink quality makes these products even more suitable for this style of work. Read on to find out more about the history of the comic and certain comic styles. You will also be able to watch tutorials and learn about different products so that you can try out comic style for yourself.




Fabric Fun

Want to add a little colour into your life? Then have a look here. You will find easy, creative and fun ideas to simply copy and practise by yourself. You can easily create original designs and patterns on fabric with our fantastic Pastel Dye Sticks and Gel Roller for Fabric. Decorate t-shirts, shopping bags and cushions or simply decorate clothes with names and messages. We have also provided ideas for you, which can be easily downloaded and used as a template. Fabric Fun is a fantastic activity for young and old to enjoy.


In this section we'd like to give you some interesting and unusual ideas for using  our products to create original designs. We have developed ideas for decorating, scrapbooking, creating presents and much more. Find your creative side, try some of our ideas and use them as a basis for inspiration to develop fantastic ideas by yourself. Enjoy!