What is Aquarelle painting?

An Aquarelle (latin: aqua = water) is a painting which is made from watercolours.

Aquarelle painting was invented very early and is considered to be one of the oldest forms of painting.

Typically, aquarelle style comprises of washed-out and blurred contours as well as a mix between transparent and stronger colours.

When painting aquarelle, it is typical to start with the brightest colour first. Darker colours are used level by level, from a very bright shade to the darkest.

The reason for this is that darker colours can’t be raised to a brighter hue once applied to paper.

Several techniques for aquarelle painting have been developed in the past.The most popular being the wet on wet technique.

The surface of the drawing paper is 'washed' first and the colour directly added onto the wet surface. As the colours start blending a typical aquaralle effect is created.

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