The Pentel Arts story

Pentel was founded in 1946 as the Japan Stationery Co.

The first products to be made by the company were water colours, crayons and oil pastels for schools and nursery schools. Art was widely encouraged in the post-war period, and this emerging market became very important in Japan, Asia and Europe. The the Japan Stationery Co. became very popular as one of the leading manufacturers of art products.

As we widened our range our company established itself as Pentel Co. Ltd and became one of the leading manufacturers of writing instruments. Six out of 10 innovations in the field of writing instruments were either invented by Pentel or inspired by Pentel technology, such as the first 0.3mm mechanical pencil, the first fibre-tip pen, the first correction pen and many more.

The name Pentel is a combination of two words: 'Pen', as in 'writing' and 'tell' as in 'communication'. These two words reflect our key strengths. Pentel prides itself upon producing high quality writing and art materials and encouraging people to express themselves via writing and art.

To go back to our roots we decided to combine our products for artistic and creative use under the name Pentel Arts. The range is a combination of existing and new Pentel products.  

We have created an interesting product collection that offers the perfect solution for many requirements whether for beginners, hobby artists or more experienced users. Our products are made consistently with first-class materials, they are easy and convenient to use and provide vibrant, brilliant colours.

Today, Pentel has 20 subsidiaries and production facilities all over the world. 

Combining many years of experience in manufacturing, innovation and excellent quality, Pentel has become a reliable and innovative partner for your artistic needs.

Come and discover the diversity of our products: let your creativity flourish!