Product Overview

Oil Pastels

Oil colours in a handy crayon shape. Our oil pastel crayons come in a fantastic variety of 12 to 49 colours. They are easy to apply and mix. Their opacity and luminance are excellent.

Aquash Set

Aquarelle set comes in a practical metal box. It contains 10 water based wax crayons, a brush with a water reservoir, a little sponge and a sharpener for crayons.

Water Colours

Vivid water colours, easy to handle and brilliant to mix to soft colour shades. The colours are stored in handy tubes which allow you to match colours perfectly and use to the very last drop.

Brush Pen

The tip of the Brush pen is made of durable synthetic nylon bristles and makes this pen a multifunctional tool.
The brush pen is ideal for creating curvy, small or thin strokes. The ink is permanent and simple to refill.

Aquash Water Brush

The Water Brush has a little water reservoir in the barrel. It can be refilled easily and as often as desired. By pressing the barrel, water will be delivered via the tip. Hence it is a perfect tool to create different aquarelle techniques or to mix colours.

Colour Brush

The Colour Brush has a nylon brush tip filled with water based ink. This makes the Colour Brush ready to use at any time, e.g. for fantastic aquarelle paintings, creating beautiful,vivid, translucent, watercolour effects. Even better, no other tools are required.

Fabric Fun Pastel Dye Sticks

Fabric Fun Pastel Dye Sticks are crayon-shaped sticks for painting or decorating fabric.


Gel Roller for Fabric

The Gel Roller for Fabric is a contour marker for labelling and decorating fabric. The Gel Roller comes in black ink and is instantly permanent after use. Its water-based pigment ink withstands repeated washing, even dry cleaning.

Outline Marker

The newest, hottest innovation for markers! What's unique about this marker: it produces two colours in a single stroke, broad silver, outlined in fine lines of a variety of different colours.

Paint Markers

The Paint Marker contains permanent ink and comes in two bright colours, gold and silver. The paint marker is excellent for all types of craft including decorating and for creating personalised packaging for presents or cards.

Wet Erase Chalk Marker

The Wet Erase Chalk Marker can be used on all smooth, washable surfaces. You can easily leave messages on mirrors, windows and chalk boards. Pictures that have been painted can easily be removed with a wet cloth. 

Hybrid Gel Grip

The Hybrid Gel Grip is an excellent gel pen. Available in white, silver and gold or six striking metallic colours.
The pigment ink covers perfectly and creates brilliant effects, especially on dark  or coloured paper.


Fine writing, drawing or doodling is ideal with the Slicci gel ink roller. Its pigment gel ink glides softly over the paper and dries very quickly. With its fine 4mm long needle point, the Slicci is also suitable for more technical work such as with rulers and stencils.

Slicci Metallic

Introducing the Slicci Metallic, the newest member of this series. Its ultra smooth flowing gel ink, enriched with Metallic pigments, leaves excellent colour effects on light coloured paper and is perfect for all your decorating ideas!

Colour Pen

The Colour Pen contains a very resistant tip which is highly durable. It comes in a variety of colours and is best suited for studio work and illustrating.