Hybrid Gel Grip

Product Features:

  • Acid-free, pigment gel ink
  • Excellent for decorative effects on light and dark coloured paper
  • Available in white, silver and gold
  • Line width: 0.4mm
  • Write-out length: 200m

What does Hybrid mean?

You might be wondering why we call a pen 'Hybrid'?

Hybrid’ refers to the components of the ink. The ink in the Hybrid Gel Roller is made from water and a binder and contains wax pigments. These wax pigments prevent the ink bleeding into the paper. They also provide a smooth ink flow without blobbing or skipping.

The colours are light-resistant and waterproof. In our Pentel Arts range we have no fewer than nine different ink colours: gold, silver, white and six metallic shades (red, blue, green, bronze, pink and violet). The selection of different colours allows you to write or draw on light or dark coloured paper. 

Hybrid Gel Grip also features a comfortable grip zone, providing hours of effortless writing. 

If you enjoy painting why not try combining Hybrid Gel Grip with Pentel Oil Pastels to create an interesting variety of effects.

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