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Aquash Set


Product Features:

  • Aquarelle set

  • Contains: Aquarelle crayons, brush with water tank, sharpener, mixing pallet and a small sponge

  • 10 colours

  • Acid-free

  • Length of crayons 10cm, diameter 7.3mm

  • Mixture: water-soluble pigment wax



Does it have to be complicated? Not with Aquash!

We’ll show you how easy it is to paint Aquarelle.

You don’t need an extra brush, a mixing pallet or even a water jar!

Everything you need is in one set: Aquash.

This set contains 10 watercolour-based crayons, sharpener, sponge and a special type of a brush, the Aquash Water Brush with water reservoir.

All you need to do is to fill the Aquash Water Brush tank with water and you can start to let your creativity flourish!

Whether you’re travelling, taking a one-day trip to the countryside or just on the way home from work, this set is ready to use everywhere at any time.

The water crayons can be used in many different ways.

You can apply colour directly on paper. Then you can use the water brush and sweep over the colour to create great aquarelle effects. Or you can wet the tip of the crayon with water to create a solid, dark effect.

Brilliant, vibrant and acid-free pigment colours provide a lot of fun while painting. The tip of the water brush is made from nylon and therefore very resistant for hours of fun.

Take a look at our Creativity Centre, where you’ll find a few tips about Aquarelle painting and its techniques.


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