Water is not only blue!

Water colours, with their deep, brilliant colours for school, home or studio are the perfect choice for everybody who enjoys painting.

Whether you want to mix them with water or use liberally with thick strokes, the options are unlimited. The colours are easy to use and enable you to create subtle, understated nuances. After drying, the colours stay smooth and elastic, enabling you to add colour, without cracking or flaking. Our watercolours are acid-free and can be used on all kinds of material, without damaging it. They can also be easily washed and removed.

Conveniently stored in soft plastic tubes, every last drop of paint can be used and the caps closed securely to prevent any loss of paint.

Colour that has already dried can be re-worked by adding water. Up to
12 colours are available, allowing you to mix and create a wide range of shades.


Recommendations to combine this product with others are:


Do not mix colours with the Aquash Brush. Colours remain in the brush.